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June 25 2012


Get in

Hlubočice is not member of EU. But there exists certain agreement for accepting tourist from European union without visa.

by plane
There is an international airport at Suhi Vrch near capital city. All international flights are routed here.

by train
You can use fast train Saint Margaret which arrives to Markétov from Lviv.

by car
Getting in by car is not approved because of poor condition of roads. The main interstate highway is still more on paper then in reality.

by bus
There are same defects as in car transport but the bus is the cheapest way of getting in.
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June 23 2012


Quick information

Capital: Markétov
Goverment: republic
Currency: Stela (ST)
Language: slovianski, esperanto
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November 30 2011

Visit Hlubocice!
— Ministry of Forreing Affairs
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Boat trip on the river Akva. The ugly thing above is higway bridge./
Výlet lodí po řece Akvě. Ta ošklivá věc nahoře je dálniční most.
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November 29 2011

this is not hlubočice / tohle není hlubočice 
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November 28 2011

Navštivte Hlubočici!
— Ministr Turistiky
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